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Financial Accounting Software (Standard Edition)

Financial Accounting Software is complete business management solution which is basically designed to meet the challenging demands of various small and medium size organizations. Simple and cost effective accountancy system enhances your total business performance by evaluating and analyzing Customer, Vendor, sales and purchase report and other management activities in an easy and simplified way.

Powerful yet flexible official accounting software fully controls and manages company’s expense & income details, business inventory and invoicing system etc in safe and secure manner. Highly interactive GUI accounting system contributes in faster speed by generating customized printable reports of multiple client records simultaneously.

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Financial Accounting Software with Barcode Support (Enterprise Edition)

Enterprise Edition accounting software is an advance version of Standard Edition accounting system with the additional feature of bar-coding facility for increasing business productivity in a cost effective manner. Billing and inventory management software uniquely identifies product details and automatically fetches data with enhanced features.

Unique barcode facility saves user time by avoiding manual data entry errors and generating accurate financial transaction reports including tax reports, inventory reports etc. Comprehensive computerized office solution places full security over data leakage from unauthorized access by facilitating password protection utility. Customizable management software benefits you with data backup and restoration facility even in accidental data loss situation.

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Purchase Order Management Software

Purchase Order Management Software is best utility to create and manage sales and purchase order details of your Company or Organization at single place. Purchase order tracking system automates and streamlines your Company’s sales-purchase process in easy and safe manner.Inventory management solution facilitates users to easily work with sales module including (quotation, delivery order, invoice, receipt, deposit etc) and purchase module (purchase order, delivery, invoice, vendor etc).

Customized PO management generates sales, purchase and item transaction reports for managing your business needs in economic way. Simple to use electronic bill management utility is the best alternative to other expensive computerized purchase management software.

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Employee Planner Software

Employee Planner Software is complete solution to simplify employee management task in your company or organization. Software helps to manage staff day-to-day attendance records, in/out details, shift schedules, leaves with complete information of payroll in easiest way.

Easy to use employee planning tool provides managers with a strategic basis for making better decisions by maintaining all employee records at one place. Software is flexible and customizable to match your company policies and proves to be a helping hand in effectively managing complex and time-consuming staff scheduling process.

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Tour and Training Management Software

Simple to operate and business friendly software manage Tour and Training details for any company with easy accessible format. Helps Company to record tour and training shifts without prior efforts or technical assist required. Software manages employee tour and training scheduling needs effectively while running business.

Best way to automate Company trip management needs with option to manage details including tour type info, requirements and other key information. Useful HR management program manage company staff member’s tour and training activities significantly.

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We are the premier global world class destination aiming to drive overall growth of global business market by delivering quality based Financial Accounting Software with support to great wealth of knowledge, expertise, competitive pricing and quick turnaround time. We fully focus on customer satisfaction by holding our ethics, moral principles and discipline.

Why PDD Accounting Software?

Financial Accounting Software is specially designed for nonprofit organizations where accountants are not sure that which accounting software makes the most sense. We provide today’s accountant with powerful featured Accounting Software to simply track and report on the various financial transactions of both small and medium size enterprises keeping in mind real world business situation.

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Company Management
Accounting software facilitates to manage and maintain multiple companies accounting information and records at a single place with easy access to financial details.
Account Management
Financial Accounting Software manages all accounting transaction activities efficiently and software enables user to easily access and manage your customer, vendor accounts details at a single place.
Inventory Management
Inventory management software maintains the status of items or stock available in a company or firm and efficiently generates inventory reports by analyzing stock details and other item information.
Reports Management
Generate various useful accounting reports to help you in analyzing and managing financial health and performance of your business organization.
Employee Management
Easily schedule and manage your employee day-to-day working shifts, trips, vacations, leaves status and similar scheduling task in the easiest way.
Payroll Management
Easily schedule and manage your employee day-to-day working shifts, trips, vacations, leaves status and similar scheduling task in the easiest way.
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